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Waste Projects

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in Europe and many other Countries, regulations, targets and fines are driving the move towards a more environmentally acceptable program that encompass all the current options available for handling waste.

in almost every Country, Region and City there is now an overwhelming problem of Waste Disposal which will need at least the next 20 years to resolve.

Waste Management


A business case for a W2E Plant requires consideration of Waste  supply, technical feasibility, potential savings and environmental impacts.

Our state of the art technology is an environmentally friendly Gasification process, to transform waste into energy.


For DNA|Energy to introduce the Gasification, Waste to Energy facility, four key parameters must be met for a project to proceed:

Availability of suitable secure land, gifted or purchased at a notional cost, sited within reasonable distance of either the national grid or the end buyer of the generated electricity.
Funding of an adequate and long-term contracted supply of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) including guaranteed feedstock fees per ton from Government/Local Government.
Adequate off take agreements for produced electricity in the form of a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement),
Additional contracts for supply of syngas, heat and recycled materials from the plant.

 The Waste to Energy technology used is based on local circumstances, where needed, a special state of the art gasification system is applied, which consists of modules capable of handling up to 250 mt of waste per day, to ensure maximum electricity production. to ensure economic viability of the project, each project will be subject to a feasibility study funded by the local partner.


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Quantity of Waste to be treated at each plant. Composition and Humidity of Waste. Location, Interior or Exterior of Town or City. Grid Connection and availability of Land


The Technology operates on Higher Temperature then Pyrolises, Standard Gasification or Incineration Processes in order to break down the chain of Hydro-Carbon materials.

Project Development

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We Fund, Build, Own and Operate the Plant, to deliver the benifits for the community and Government. Government/Community Costs would entail the Pre-Contract Assesments of Waste, provision of land and relevant permissions. Operating Company can be Local Company trained by manufacturer.

Thermal processing technologies

An innovative Waste to Hydrogen or/and Electricity, modular generation Reactor Technology for the disposal of a wide range of Waste Streams, including Non-Recyclable plastics.
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