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Solar plants developed by our technical spcialists maintain their Maximum Power output, even at higher temperatures during their lifetime

Projects will be thoroughly evaluated by our Financial and Legal Specialists to ensure Maximum Economic Efficiency for the solar plant. 

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DNA Energy Solar Division

Solar Plants: the relationship between a Solar Power Plant and the Sun seems to be relatively simple: the more Sun a Power Plant is exposed to, the more Power it can produce. But if your not using the right Technical Components, it will not produce the required Power output over the Project Lifetime. 

Guaranteed by our DNA|Global Energy teams of Financial Specialists, Construction Workers, Engineers and Service Technicians.

Project financing is available by our in-house Financial Partners.


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Our Legal, Technical and Financial Specialists will ensure Maximum Economic Efficiency for our Solar Power Plants.

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DNA Energy constructs Solar Projects to have the highest Power Output during the entire lifetime of the Project.


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Our Local Operation and Maintenance Teams will ensure Maximum Power Production to achieve the Lowest Levelized Cost Of Energy possible.

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Solar cells use sunlight to generate electricity. the sun is a very powerful source of Energy. in fact, in less then 15 seconds it can provide as much Energy to the Earth as humans use in One Day!
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