Quality & Environmental Policy.

DNA|Group’s Energy’s technologies, Environmental Solutions, Green Construction Projects enable our clients to create an economical sound project while saving the environment by reducing CO2 emission. Our aim is to contribute to make the World a better place via our innovative technologies that challenge established truths and ensure client satisfaction. We make this happen through the utilisation of our extraordinary talented staff with diverse backgrounds who make use of their unique experiences. Our Company management system assures that we are constantly improving with our clients and the environment in mind. DNA|Energy Quality & Environment Policy means that we should: Consider methods and materials to ensure high quality and low environmental impact through the technology life-cycle. Work closely with our clients to get feedback on our technologies/products and services to ensure that we create highest customer value. Ensure that employees, suppliers and other partners understand that they are required to work with preventing risk. Relevant deviations should be reported and analyzed for root course. Be aware of and follow relevant laws and regulation.