Project development & engineering

Project Development and Engineering is at the core of what we do best, Technically, Legally, and Financially, truly a “One Stop Shop” Energy Project Formula.

photovoltaic, solar cells, current

The relationship between a Solar Power Plant and the Sun seems to be relatively simple. But if your not using the right technical components, it will not produce the required output over the Projects Lifetime.

pollution, rubbish, waste
waste to energy

Governments are realizing that historic and current landfill options are no longer viable and face Economic, Health and Political Pressures to resolve this pressing problems and to create a longterm solution.

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low head hydro

Our Hydro System is based on an ingenious type of Hydro Turbine which can be adapted to almost any water flow condition to generate electricity in Ultra Low Head situations.

wind energy

The Wind Turbine has proven itself as a durable, reliable high-performance Turbine, the first Turbines are in operation since 1983 and continue to generate Energy.

led street lights

Our LED Program enables Regional/City Governments to apply the latest LED technology in Street Light Systems.

Energy Storage

Thanks to the stable Nickel Metal Hydride chemistry, the battery does not pose an explosion hazard.


Geothermal Energy has many attractive qualities: Renewable, Fossil Free Nature, stable and reliable Base-Load Power at a relatively Low Cost over the Project Lifetime.

Special Projects

DNA Global Energy Develops Special Projects where needed:
EV Mobility /Charging Stations Projects and contribute in the Development and Organisation of Real Estate projects.

Special Technologies

Water Desalination

Energy efficient and reliable water treatment installations. We engineer durable water treatment solutions, containerized or skid-build.

Water Filtration

Water filtration systems for agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and industrial use. Small or Large scale application.

A  thorough water filtration helps to reduce maintenance costs.

Water Desinfection

We design and manufacture high quality desinfection installations for industry and offshore applications.

Project Requirements

Operations & Maintenance

Investments Costs can vary per installed Megawatt depending on Technology used. One crucial project element is to have a proper maintenance plan in place