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DNA Global Energy acts as Prime Contractors for the Hydro Projects and will work with selected Local or International Contractor to deliver a turn-key EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) Solution.

Low Head Hydro Technology

The Hydro Turbine is a Unique Patented Technology that uses the “Bernoulli’s”Venturi principles to achieve a pressure amplification. This Technology means that the Turbine can be used in very Low Head Hydro settings, allowing for significantly lower Hyfro Project Costs.

Applications; In Riverbeds, Wastewater, or Commercially processed water, Dams, or Tidal currents, in almost all waters with a minimum flow of 1 meter per second.

The Turbine provides a viable 24/7 source of energy for Domestic, Community and Commercial Consumers wishing to reduce their Electricity Bill and/or generate income by exporting power to the grid.


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Following location analyses, calculations are conducted on costs involved in production of Energy to ensure a Low Fixed Price per Kwh for a 25 year period.


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Complete installation within a 1 year period from contract signing.

Operations & Maintenance

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Continous Operation & Monitoring with a Maintenanace plan in place and first line technical support.

24/7 energy production

In comparison to Solar and Wind Energy, a Hydro Plant produces energy 24/7.
A Guaranteed Energy Output, (depending on local circumstances), with negligible Environmental and Aquatic impact.
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