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DNA Global Energy acts as Prime Contractor of the Hydro Project and will work with selected Local or International Contractor to deliver a turn-key EPC, (Engineering Procurement and Construction) Solution

Hydro Technology

For the development of Small and Medium size Hydro Projects, DNA Global Energy Limited is cooperating with established Hydro Technology Providers

A Hydro plant using Axial and Kaplan turbines with a range up to 15 Mw

For small projects, with an output ranges from 20 Kw to 1.500 Kw the Kaplan and Axial Flow Turbine Technology is applicable

Belt driven bulb units for very Low Head applications, output up to 600 Kw and a head up to 5 m

For large scale projects up to 3.000 Kw, the Francis technology is applicable

The Turbine provides a viable 24/7 source of energy for Domestic, Community and Commercial Consumers wishing to reduce their Electricity Bill and/or generate income by exporting power


Following location analyses (Water Rights), calculations are conducted on costs involved in production of Energy to ensure a Low Fixed Price per Kwh for a 25 year period


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Complete installation usually within a 1 year period from contract signing

Environmental and aquatic natural protection

Project management, site management, commisioning, testing and staff training for all equipment

Operations & Maintenance

Continuous Operation & Monitoring with a Maintenance plan in place and first line technical support

24/7 energy production

In comparison to Solar and Wind Energy, a Hydro Power Plant produces energy 24/7
A Guaranteed Energy Output, (depending on local circumstances), with negligible Environmental and Aquatic impact

Contact us for more information, after reviewing initial documentation we will be conducting a site visit to discuss your project
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