The use of Geothermal steam for electricity production began in the early 20th century, the first plant being built in Larderello, Italy in 1904. As of 2018, about 14.5 GW of Geothermal Power Capacity has been built around the World, most of it in the last three decades. The exploitable Geothermal Energy Potential in the World is far greater than the current utilization and Geothermal has an important role to play within the Energy Portfolio of many Countries.


Requirements for geothermal projects.

Geothermal Power Plant installations may be suitable for Power Generation, depending on their Geographical Site.

Geothermal Power Plant Development can be divided into different segments;

Preliminary survey

Project review

Field development and planning


Start-up and commisioning

Key elements for project development;

Availability of sufficient accurate Geological Data and other relevant information. 

Effective and dedicated Institutions. supportive National Policies and Regulations. 

Using the earth energy available

We have an incredible Amount of Energy Available to us in the Depths of our Earth. Our new developed Close Loop Geothermal System uses this energy without interfering the natural cycles of the Planet.

Geothermal Power

The focus can be on Electricity Production or Heat Production. Once a Geothermal Plant is Operational, it can be used in multiple ways to enhance the overall economic result.

Investment Costs

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Investment Costs per installed Mw can vary widely, depending on the Region, Geology, Infrastructure,in place and difficulty in Exploring and the Drilling Bore-Wells.

Operation & Maintenance

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O&M is divided into Maintenance for Wells, Pipelines, Infrastructure, etc. and O&M for the Power Plant. Proper Maintenance facilities is crucial to ensure a high availibility and capacity for the Plant.

DNA Energy Grothermal Division

Geothermal energy has many attractive qualities; Renewable, Fossil-Free Nature, stable and a reliable Base-Load Power, relatively Low Cost. when operational it Provides a steady Power Output around the clock, usually for several decades at a Low Competitive Price.