Energy Storage

When safety matters.

The intrinsic characters of Wind and Solar Power Plants, such as intermittency and unpredictability, brings challenges to the operations of conventional electric grids.

Energy Storage the Safe Way.

Battery system with water based, non-flamable electrolyte, with no risk of spontaneous fire or explosion.

No risk of short circuit generation, even under low temperature charging as observed in other solutions. No risk of spontaneous release of energy. 

Electrodes contained in the modules cannot ignite er react spontaneously, therefore no heat propagation between modules under normal operation and rest periods.

Meeting tomorrow's energy requirements.

Price stability, being independent in your energy needs,  optimize your electricity use, quality and performance.

Energy Storage Technology.

The technology and economic feasibility of batteries has develop rapidly worldwide. Based on its unique characteristics, this technology is crucial for energy storage. Long cycle life, independent power and capacity design, capable of operating under a broad temperature range, the energy  utilization rate is high.

Renewable Energy sources becoming grid-friendly and improving utilization. Energy savings, emission reduction and stability functioning of electrical networks, are all covered and secured.
DNA Energy Storage