Our Company Values are our DNA

Integrity DNA|Group shall promote among its members the ethical principles of loyalty, good faith, respect and honesty. Loyalty to the company. In performing our professional responsibility, members of DNA|Group act with loyalty and ensure the defense of the Group’s interests. Each member must attempt to avoid situations which could give rise to conflict between their personal interest and the interest of the DNA Energy Group. Compliance with the Law. All DNA|Group members must comply with applicable Laws of the Countries where they carry out their activities, in accordance with both the literal meaning and with the spirit and purpose of such Laws and observe ethical behavior in all of their actions. Prohibits for management The DNA|Group prohibits bribes to authorities and civil servants, for members of DNA|Group. It is forbidden to take or receive from a third party, payments of any type, such as gifts, donations or favours that fall outside the ordinary corporate customs. Fair dealings DNA|Group members must avoid any type of non professional conduct, including, unfair pressure, deceptive or fraudulent claims, collusion with competitors. Members of DNA|Group shall always comply with the principle of fair treatment towards all those who have dealings with DNA|Group. Fiscal responsibility The DNA|Group undertakes to comply with all tax regulations in force in each legal jurisdiction where the company is present. All DNA|Group members will cooperate with the relevant tax authorities to provide fiscal information required within the legislation currently in force. Confidentiality All DNA|Group members must maintain strict and permanent confidentiality with respect to any information that, if divulged or published, could affect the DNA|Group‘s interest. 2. Professionalism Members of the DNA|Group must be characterized by their high level of professionalism based on efficient action and focus on excellence and quality of their services. The following principles apply, Quality and innovation The DNA|Group Is committed to the highest quality of its products and services. It shall endeavor to make all necessary resources available to its members for their continuous innovation, development and improvement in order to reach the highest level of quality. Use and protection of corporate equity The DNA|Group shall make all possible resources available to its members to carry out their professional activities and endeavors to provide the appropriate means for the protection and safekeeping of the “companies” resources. All members and staff must use company resources in a responsible, efficient and appropriate manner in accordance with the environment of their professional activities and to preserve and protect such company resources. Transparency All members must supply reliable, complete and detailed information regarding the progress of activities related to their work or area of responsibility. 3. Respect The DNA|Group members acts in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact guidelines, the adoption of universal principles in the area of human and labour rights and the protection of the environment. DNA|Group members undertake to proceed responsibly and diligently, in order to identify, prevent, mitigate and respond to negative consequences that may result from any of their activities. Respect towards people All actions taken by DNA|Group’s members shall maintain scrupulous respect for Human Rights and Civil Liberties included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Training All DNA|Group members undertake a training policy of continuous learning in personal and professional development to achieve maximum performance, quality and satisfaction in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Respect for the environment The DNA|Group members shall contribute to the conservation of natural resources of ecological, scientific, scenic or cultural interest. The DNA|Group members commits to the strictest compliance with the applicable environmental legislation. 4. Interpretation and monitoring This code of conduct establishes the principles and commitments of the DNA|Group members that its members must respect and comply with when carrying out their activities. Any breach of this code of conduct by members of DNA|Group members should be reported/communicated to the relevant superior within the DNA|Group of Companies. DNA|Group shall take the necessary measures to ensure the proper functioning of these codes of conduct by its members. Any infringement of, or noncompliance with these codes of conduct shall be penalized in accordance with the legislations. 5. Validity The code of conduct shall enter into force on the day 01 November 2018 as approved by the Board of Directors of DNA|Group of Companies Members. As of the above date, all members of DNA|Group members should adhere to this code of conduct. This DNA|Code will remain valid until it is formally repealed.