Mission & Values.

DNA|Global Energy’s mission is to bring Cutting Edge Renewable Energy and Waste Management Technologies to National economies and their populations. These technologies will be more economically beneficial than energy sources in use at present. Our Group’s mission is to identify these new technologies, to assist in their development and play a leading role in the large scale implementation and exploitation of these technologies. Exploitation will be on a commercial footing with a strong financial input.

Together with offering technologies and EPC for projects, DNA|Energy Group will offer, where suitable, financial project packages to implement projects. Corporate policy is a ‘one stop shop’ formula. By focussing its international efforts foremost on Developing Nations with a stable political/legal environment and a rapidly growing economy, DNA|Energy Group aims to contribute to the overall well being of the people in these Nations and contribute to a balanced global political development.


Achievement, Commit to delivering real results

Create value for our customers and the company.

Support each other to accomplish our common goals. (We can achieve more as a team with local partners than we can individually)

Approach business and technical challenges as an opportunity to learn, achieve and build strong relationships.

Find innovative solutions to existing problems.

DNA|Energy Group will work with Local Partners and Local Universities. We take pride in our social responsibility.  A donation from Local Projects will be invested in entrepreneurial social Projects.

Development of projects.

For the development of Projects, DNA|Global Energy is always cooperating with National Partners together to explore with the Government of Country concerned the possibilities for development of Renewable Energy Projects.

DNA|Global Energy has excellent and established connection with International Investors and political connections in various Countries.

National Partner always has excellent connections with the National Government in Country concerned.

100% Commitment