DNA Global Energy Limited

Climate change is effecting our present. Our response to it will define our future! Being a leading provider of plant scale energy projects, DNA Group of Companies contributes to sustainable economies!

“Sustainable Development meets the needs of the present, without comprimising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

– DNA Group of Companies –


DNA Group has Cutting Edge Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy and Environmental Solutions Technologies available for National Economies and their Population.


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DNA Group’s Mission is to bring these Technologies to National Economies and their Population and play a leading role in their large scale implementation.


Knowledge of Local cicumstances is an intregal part of our success, a network of Local National Representatives and Joint Venture Partners have been created to build a coalitions of decision makers for our Group’s Worldwide Strategic Planning & Strategy.

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Energy Project Development & Engineering Excellence is at te Core of what we do best, Technically, Legally and Financially, truly a One Stop Energy Project Formula. 

Energy Projects delivered Turnkey to our Clients is our DNA objective.

Our Core portfolio

The Core Portfolio of Technologies DNA Energy Group currently offers is concentrated on a key number of Renewable Energy Technologies, Solar, Waste to Energy, Low Head Hydro and Wind Energy.

DNA Energy Group’s total Portfolio of Renewable Energy Technologies comprises a raft of cutting edge technologies which permits DNA Energy Group to face the widest range of Renewable Energy Solutions for both the Present and  Future.

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